Friday, February 4, 2011

Quit smoking 2011 New Year's resolution

Guest post written by Ellen Pruitt
I picked up smoking as a stress reliever when I was in college and I've been meaning to quit over the years. I've even tried about five or six times over the years but never quite took to it. There was even one time that I kind of got addicted to candy because I would eat it instead of smoking. I knew that wasn't going to work either. But this is the time that I'm going to actually quit smoking for good.

After I decided my New Year's resolution for 2011, I went online to try and find some ways that I was going to try and quit the habit and when I was doing that I came across the website After I read through it a little bit and showed it to my husband, we decided to sign up for an internet service package through it for our home internet.

But I'm really determined to stick with my quit smoking resolution. I'm basically telling everyone that I've ever met in my life that I'm quitting smoking this year so that people will ask me about it and make me feel accountable for it.