Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nursing Apparel

Finally, my sister who is a registered nurse in the Philippines is taking her education further by enrolling to a graduate school to pursue her dreams of getting a Master’s Degree. She is currently working as a head nurse in one of the many hospitals in the Philippines and she continues to help my family financially just like what my other sisters and I did.

Since her birthday is fast approaching I was thinking of sending her some new nursing uniforms that she can wear while on duty. She had shared with me that she needed a makeover with her medical wardrobe since they are now allowed to wear custom scrubs ones a week. Upon hearing this wonderful news from my sister I started to visit some websites and I found out that Blue Sky Scrubs are having their clearance scrubs sales today.  Guess what? I found a great scrub sets for my sister. Here is the picture below!