Sunday, April 8, 2012


Posted by Virgil Burks

My office mate and I have become pretty good friends. At first, I didn’t think I was going to like her. She’s much older than I am, and doesn’t have kids. She has dogs, which she basically acts like are her kids. She is best buds with our boss, so that made me a little standoffish with her. I didn’t feel like I could really trust her, or confide in her in any way, knowing she has barbeques over at the bosses on the weekends. Slowly but surely, though, she has kind of grown on me. She is really helpful. If she sees me working on something, or overhears a conversation I’m having, she is always quick to offer some help or a supply that would make the task easier. It’s not just work stuff. I was talking with another worker about our tv provider, and she that afternoon she sent me an email with a link to, and a little note just saying I thought this might be useful. How can I not like her?

Pork Tocino on Stick

My latest food craving was cooking some pork tocino on stick. I've chose to prepare this type of food because it reminds me of home (in the Philippines) and it also one of our favorites. The recipe is so easy and you can do it while you are blindfolded. Check out this yummy photo below!