Friday, January 3, 2014

San Francisco Wedding Caterer

The last time I had a big event, I decided to make all of the food myself, and I have to say that it was very exhaustive. By the time the food was prepared and the party was beginning, I just wanted to go home and rest. After this happened I told myself that one of these days I am going to have my food catered so that I don’t have to worry about working so long in the kitchen, I can just go to the event and enjoy the food with my guests. If you have had the same situation that I have had, why not look into having your next great event catered?

One of the catering services that I found looked really amazing is called Taste Catering and Event Planning which is located in San Francisco, California. Taste is really amazing because they are the best when it comes to having a Wedding caterer, or for a variety of other events such as corporate meetings, private meetings, and much more. Not only does their food look tasty, it really looks amazing as well. One of the many dishes that appear to be the most appealing to me is the Wok Seared Beef which is marinated with star anise, just by reading the description; I can tell that this is one delicious dish. They also have desserts, of these; I found that the Tres Leches Cake with shaved Pineapple and tropical fruits sounds the most delicious to me since I have eaten Tres Leches Cake before. In any case, I feel that if you want to have good food that looks great as well, why not have your food catered? And if you are looking for San Francisco wedding caterers or other caterers in the San Francisco area, Taste Catering and Event Planning is definitely one of the best places you can go to, you will definitely be glad that you checked them out.