Sunday, April 12, 2015

Outdoor Party Ideas and Essentials

There’s nothing that can compare with getting together with friends and family to enjoy the summer months sunshine. Having a few refreshing drinks while a mouthwatering steak sizzles on the barbecue - what’s not to love?

 Dependent upon where you live this could be a good idea, or something of a gamble. Some places can almost guarantee great weather to get a summer party in the great outdoors whereas others can let you down badly at the last minute and with the least amount of notice.

So what can you do about it?

No, cancelling the party will not be an option; neither is all piling into the kitchen and putting muddy footprints all over the best carpet.

The secret is to be prepared. Just a few well thought out and planned items can help to make your party successful whatever the weather (well, almost).

When you organize a party in your back yard you don’t only have to worry about your guests getting cold or wet, you also may need to worry about them getting sunstroke.

You need to make sure that there is plenty of shade to be used as required, whether that means shelter from the summer showers or shelter from your sweltering sunshine. Make sure that there are several shady places for your guests to gather as and when they want to.

This can include something as simple as installing a sail shade canopy to the patio, a number of well placed sun shade patio umbrellas or even a fully fledged gazebo. Incidentally, a gazebo with side netting can also provide great respite from another potential problem at outdoor parties - uninvited guests arriving in the form of bugs and insects.

Depending upon the layout and vegetation in your garden or yard you just might take advantage of the shade which is already available. If needed, how about clearing out the opening and garage up the door to provide an unexpected emergency shelter? Think about installing a sail shade canopy between the trees from the back yard? Perhaps you are lucky enough to have lots of natural shade from trees, hedges or have a shed where you could take cover if necessary.

No outdoor party will ever be complete without having a barbecue. Guys love to barbecue so it affords the women the chance of a well earned break. Well, just as long as they have already bought the meals, prepared the meal and are able to run in and out of the house carrying and fetching the foodstuff to the dude standing from the barbecue together with the apron, tongs in one hand and a tin of beer in the other then they will have a well earned break. (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

 You should also think on how to keep the drinks cold when the sun ishot and hot, hot.

You may have to be a little more creative in your thinking if you aren’t lucky enough to offer an outdoor refrigerator. A few buckets of ice with beer and soda bottles placed in them will work well for a few hours. This can also make a superb drink cooler - fill it with cold water and a few ice cubes and add your drinks as required in case you have children with a paddling pool.

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