Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Foods that Contains Iron!

Iron is very important for our body because it will help creates red blood cells, muscular tissue and of course healthy bones. Iron also carries a life oxygen for human blood cells. Here are the lists:

  • Soy Beans- it contains 4mg of iron in one half cup.
  • Oysters- I eat oysters a lot and did you know that they contain 10 mg of iron for three ounces?
  • Pumpkin seeds- it contains 4mg of iron per serving. So if you like eating them? Start it today.
  • Spinach- I love my spinach salad so don't forget to get them every time you dine out. They contain the most iron.
  • Cereal- it contains up to 21 mg of iron per serving. Make sure to start eating cereal either hot or cold today.
Got the image from Google search.