Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Corked the Party Games

For a lot of people ages 20 to early 40’s having a fun get together with friends is really something great. There are times however when these events can be a little boring if there are not any activities planned for the guests. Fortunately there is a great new game called Corked, that is sure to make every get together really amazing. I think that the neatest thing about Corked Games is that it actually comes in a wine bag and is easy to transport and of course it can actually hold a bottle of wine as well. Some of the unique features are that every player is able to play on every turn. It is also easy enough to learn how play within minutes. Also it is made so that no one ever performs alone, and best of all the scoring system ensures that a different player will win every time. I think that this is a great idea, especially for adults who have parties and are unsure of what activities to plan. If you would like to see what all the fun is about, check out Corked Games dot com today, you and your guests will definitely enjoy all of the fun that is to be offered!

Pork Adobo and Lumpia

It makes me happy when my husband appreciates all the things that I do for him. For instance, he requested me to cook some Filipino food namely Adobo and Lumpia (Egg rolls) two days ago. Since he requested since Saturday I told him to buy me the ingredients and I will do the rest.
 Anyway, I made the egg rolls as well the pork chop adobo. He was so happy when he came home and I took a couple of pictures below. Check out what I've made for my spouse. He sure is one happy husband!