Sunday, January 1, 2012

Start the Day Right with a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and so it’s a huge mistake to skip this early meal. If you are running late, grab something to eat when you are about to start a long day in order to have enough energy. This will keep you feeling energized, making sure that your body gets the vitamins and minerals that it needs.

A healthy breakfast is one key to good health. It will be ideal to come up with a meal plan ahead of time that will serve as your guide towards healthy eating. Here are some healthy breakfast ideas that you can try:

  1. Go for whole wheat bread that is rich in fiber. Leftover turkey or chicken from dinner could be used for a healthy sandwich. You can scramble egg whites and add a few slices of lettuce to make it complete.
  2. Cereals are also another healthy breakfast option. Whole grain cereal snacks with a few slices of fresh fruits will provide the body with vitamins and minerals. Cook oatmeal and mix it with non fat milk.
  3. Prepare a healthy smoothie and skip coffee. Several websites offer healthy breakfast recipes that you can try at home. Smoothies are a great option especially for those who are always in a hurry in the morning. A blend of fruits and vegetables makes it an ideal and complete drink that can fill your stomach in the morning.

In order to make this a less stressful daily routine, it will be best to shop for a week’s worth of food. Be creative and learn how you can mix and match different fruits and vegetables in order to have a variety of breakfast meals to choose from. Keep in mind: healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring.

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