Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Magic Sarap Seasoning Mix

I am very thrilled to receive the seasoning mix I ordered online called "Magic Sarap" because this is actually my first time to use this seasoning mix since my arrival in Texas over 6 years ago. The Asian store here in my area only carries the other seasoning called Ginisa Mix which my husband loves so much.

I am looking forward to use Magic Sarap this coming Sunday for our dinner dish. Hopefully, my husband will love the taste of it. Have you or your love one tried this seasoning mix already?


poray said...

i have tried magic sarap ug lami xa sa sabaw.. ang ginisa is good for stir fried food.. mogamit ko ani nila every now and then for flavor kay kining expert sa kusina buyag magpalaban ug pre-mix seasoning lol