Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flavored Popcorn

Well the holidays are coming up soon; have you found gifts for everybody yet? Well not to worry, if you know someone who is difficult to shop for, I have the perfect holiday idea, flavored popcorn! Most people love popcorn but did you know that you can get various flavors of popcorn besides just caramel? Well right now there is a place called Uptown Popcorn which has a huge array of popcorn flavors that are not usually sold in stores. Some of these flavors including blackberry, blue coconut, bubble gum, cherry, chili cheese, and even beer flavors popcorn! Right now they even have a pink cotton candy flavor of popcorn which comes in a Susan G. Komen tin and best of all, part of the proceeds from the purchase of this particular flavor of popcorn will go to Susan G. Komen for The Cure. Right now if you would like to get some popcorn to give as a gift you can even order them with a holiday tin, again these make the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys popcorn and snacks. So why not go to Uptown Popcorn dot com today and get that special popcorn flavor, you will definitely be glad with what you find.