Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Men in Scrubs

Everything worked out this past weekend because my husband and I both work in the morning so we had the chance to be with his family and have a sleep over there. Anyways, two of my sisters-in-laws are both working in the medical field and therefore wear medical scrubs everyday at their places of work. I had told them about an online store called Blue Sky Scrubs which can be found at  who offers different selections of medical scrubs uniforms such as scrubs for men, scrubs for women and children’s scrubs. They also provides other medical uniforms such as scrub sets, custom scrubs, scrub bottoms and tops, nursing scrubs and more. Both of my sisters-in-laws were pretty excited because they can now order their scrubs online at anytime of the day 24/7. Also one of my sisters- in- laws wants to customize her scrubs because she normally wears the size which is too big or too small for her.
If you are working in the medical field or wanting to switch job then you might want to check out this website today!