Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Steve Wilkos Show

The Author of this post is Velma Baird
My favorite talk show ever is the Steve Wilkos show. Steve Wilkos is the host, and he is a retired Chicago police officer, and he also worked as a security guard on another popular talk show. I watch the Steve Wilkos on my directv satellite. I try not to miss it because Steve Wilkos always has interesting, but very important topics that he discusses. He often touches on domestic abuse topics, and the people who appear on his talk show typically have been involved in some sort of domestic dispute and Steve gets to the bottom of what happen. Steve usually has guests take lie detectors, and Steve reveals the results at some point during the show. If a person lied to Steve, then Steve really gets into their faces and really criticizes them. The Steve Wilkos show is my favorite talk show because Steve takes no nonsense from any of his guests, and he is really good at getting to the bottom of serious issues. If you haven't got the chance to see this show then you should definitely tune into it the next time it is on.