Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The article written by Debra Herman
I think one of the coolest shows on television is "Unwrapped." This fabulous show discuss the history of different foods and restaurants across the country. I love the host of this show too. In fact, I think I may have a small crush on the host of this show. His name is Marc Summers and he is just so engaging. I watch this show on my satellite tv from whenever I have a free moment. I truly love to watch this show and would love to be on it someday. Who knows, maybe I can be the host of it someday!

I love this show, because I have learned so much about restaurants on the show. I have learned about so many different bakeries located throughout the country from this show. It is so amazing to consider how many different restaurants I have been able to go to, simply because I discovered them from this show. I have also went to the best bakeries in the country, thanks to this show. I truly owe so much to this show for allowing me to eat at the best restaurants and bakeries in the country! I truly love this show and recommend it to all the people I meet and encounter in life. I think this is the best show that is out there and love it so much!