Thursday, December 30, 2010

Roasted Pig or Lechon Baboy

I want to go home for the New Year but I can't. I miss my mother's homemade food and all I can do is to prepare different dish that reminds me of home. I am thinking of cooking noodles (pancit), egg roll (lumpia), humba, fruit salad, and look for 12 different fruits for the New Year.

My Mama already told me that they will be having a whole roasted pig for the New Year and other dishes. I miss eating lechon baboy. This picture is killing me, lol. I got this picture from my Uncle's profile in FB. Lastly, I would like to greet each one of you out there a very prosperous New Year! God bless us all.


Cecile said...

ay kalami sa litson, hatagi ko beh :-)